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Premier Silver Thread Conductive Tens Glove - Simply Plugs Into A Tens Machine or EMS Unit
1 x Stimex Glove for use with a tens machine

Premier Silver Thread Conductive Tens Glove - Simply Plugs Into A Tens Machine or EMS Unit

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  • The conductive gloves are excellent for use in treatment of :
  • > Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • > Arthritic finger joint pain
  • > Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • > Wrist Pain & Swelling
  • > Tendon Pain
  • > Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Pain

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Stim Tens Glove
Using our new conductive fabric the Glove when used with a TENS or EMS* unit, gives
·        Pain relief to the whole hand
·        Improved mobility
Tens Glove Pain Relief UKTENS/Ems units being the Other Related Products shown below. 
One size fits all … Fits left and right hands
You can use 2 gloves at once!

·         Arthritis in the hand
·         Repetitive Strain Injury
·         Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
·         Raynauds Syndrome
·         other chronic pain conditions in the hand
Arthritis Glove uses newly developed conductive fabric which allows the stimulation from your TENS* unit to pass throughout your hand. This improves the blood flow which will increase mobility in the fingers and give relief from pain throughout the hand.
Arthritis Glove stretches to fit over all sizes of hand. 
Ready to use.   Guaranteed for a year. Washable by hand in warm water and dried naturally. (Not suitable for washing machine)
The pack contains:
·             1 x Glove

Tens conductive grounding garmentWe would recommend you also purchase the Conductive Grounding sleeve

this will save you having to use your tens electrode pads to ground the garment.


Instructions for application

(1)    Apply the garment to unbroken skin.  Thoroughly cleanse application site to remove any lotions, dirt, etc.  Remove jewelry from the area that will be covered by garment.

(2)    Remove garment from bag and fit to the area of the body to be treated.  Avoid stretching the garment too much.

(3)    Attach the lead wire to the stimulator cable.

(4)    If using one garment, it is necessary to use a 9cm x 4cm electrode pad to complete the circuit, place the electrode close to the garment. (It must not be touching)

(5)    Make sure that the stimulator is turned off prior to wearing or removing the garment.

Product Life

(1)    The life of the product is a direct result of the use, care and storage of the item.  The garment must not be used if torn or damaged and high stimulation widths are needed.


1)      Always return the garment to the plastic / poly bag provided, after use.  Do not leave in humid conditions and store in a dry safe area.


1)      To clean the conductive garment thoroughly wash in clean warm water with medium strength detergent and dry (Max temp 30c)


1)      The garment is not sterile.

2)      Keep the control unit dry and away from any heat source.

3)      Never connect to high frequency surgical device.

4)      The long-term effects of stimulation have not been established.

5)      This device is for short term use only.

6)      Do not apply to broken skin.  Should skin rash occur, discontinue use and contact your doctor.   Do not stimulate while driving any vehicle, or operating any machinery.

7)      Do not use the garment for electro-stimulation in suspected or known cases of any muscle disorder, have or had epilepsy, persons with pacemaker implant or weak heart or when pregnant.

8)      The stimulator and connecting lead wires used with this garment must be in compliance with the related standards.

*TENS/EMS units being the Other Related Products shown below. 

5 Stars
Amazing product! but then everything I have purchased from "Tens Med" has always been excellent!
Reviewed by:  from Perth. on 7/23/2014
5 Stars
Wonderful Glove
I''m pleased to recommed this product.
Reviewed by:  from Belfast. on 1/10/2009

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